Superman vs Batman?

I hope not.

I was reading a short snippet of an interview with Zach Snyder (directing the upcoming Superman movie reboot) and it never fails; every single time someone is getting ready to direct or produce a new Superman or Batman movie, the question is brought up about getting Batty and Supes together in a motion picture.

Please… for the love of all that is good… NO.  I never cared seeing these guys together in the comic books or even the cartoons either.

I always felt Batman worked best in story lines when he was unique – someone people heard of and feared because he was part of the unknown – the darkness.  The very existence of other heroes in the same universe undermines the fear the mantle of the bat is supposed to provoke.

Why fear some mortal guy like Batman when you’ve got immortals like Superman that could grind Batman into the dirt?  I don’t care what the comics tell you – any being who can fly faster than the speed of light, doesn’t require oxygen to survive, and laughs at the thought of bullets bouncing off his eyeballs is going to completely destroy a human being – no matter how well-trained that human is or how well he is armored.  Sorry – but in my mind Batman always loses in this scenario.

I like the idea of all characters in Batman’s reality/universe being human and utilizing their own skills and knowledge to become good or evil.  The Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow, etc., are all flawed human beings – driven to insanity or greed by their own doing or the doings of some other earthly event acting upon them.  No matter how powerful they become, they are still, nonetheless, human. Strip off the costumes and the high-tech gadgets and they are made up of the same number of chromosomes as the rest of us are, and are just as fragile.

I know it seems ridiculous to request “realism” in a superhero movie, but that’s what I’m requesting nonetheless, at least when it comes to Batman.  Leave the other-worldly stuff to Green Lantern, Superman, Spidey, and the X-gang.  I’ll continue to watch their stuff as well so long as they stay true to their own realities.

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