Synchronized Fireflies

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Synchronized Fireflies

Fireflies in southeast Asia regularly put on a show of the likes seldom seen from fireflies in the rest of the world. This is the Creation Moments Minute.

As the evening darkness deepens along a riverbank, fireflies in the trees over the riverbank begin to flash. At first the flashing is familiar to anyone who has ever seen fireflies anywhere in the world. But within a few minutes, the flashes start appearing in groups. In less than half an hour, the entire swarm, which may extend over more than one tree, is flashing once per second in perfect unison. This ability to pick up a rhythm to synchronize actions is found otherwise only in humans.

One scientist said this behavior is so complex he has no idea how it works. Whether or not these scientists believe in the Creator, their wonderment is a tribute to His unsurpassed handiwork, even in the lowly firefly.

For Creation Moments Minute dot com, I’m Darren Marlar.


Ref: Ivars Peterson. 1991. “Step in time.” Science News, Vol. 140. August 31, pp. 136-137.

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