Tampa Update

Wow, great Collision of Comedy show in St. Petersburg, Florida tonight!  TWO shows, actually.  Two SOLD OUT shows in fact!

Joey I.L.O. was the headliner and he just destroyed the audience (that’s a good thing in comedy by the way).  The audience at the end of the night was totally exhausted once Joey left the stage.  We also had special guest Steffon Vann as part of the show tonight.  He’s one of the most comfortable performers I’ve seen in quite some time.  Very laid back, a total opposite of Joey I.L.O. which made for a really great night of comedy hitting two different extremes.

This was also the very first night that we introduced World Vision to the show, asking audience members to sponsor a child through the organization.  I struggled quite a bit with what exactly I could say to an audience at a comedy show to talk about starving children, but somehow it worked out because we sponsored three children tonight!  That’s three children who will be helped out of not just hunger, but also provided clean water, health care, and a better education.

The night would not have been a success at all had it not been for the support of both Spirit FM 90.5 in Tampa as well as Northeast Presbyterian Church in St. Petersburg, Florida.  They both promoted the show heavily and it totally paid off.  In fact, if you are a Christian comedian, singer, band, and you need somewhere to perform in the Tampa area, I would strongly recommend you check out the theater that we performed in tonight, called “The Summit” at Northeast Presbyterian Church.  It has more of an intimate feel to  and it’s the perfect venue for small shows that allow you to get closer to your audience.  We could have easily had a larger venue and done just one show, but doing two shows back to back in this smaller auditorium really made it fun.  I might very well contact them about the possibility of recording a Collision of Comedy DVD there.

Two shows down… one more to go!  On Sunday we head to Lakeland, Florida to Without Walls Central Church for one big Collision of Comedy show… this time with myself, Joey I.L.O., and Justin Fennell!  (Although Steffon said he had so much fun tonight that he might show up and do five minutes just for fun in Lakeland – that’d be cool!)  If you live in the area, or you know someone who does, please come out to the show – Sunday’s show in Lakeland is a free show – starts at 6pm!  Then on Monday it’s back home to my bride to get a huge hug before heading out on Tuesday to Detroit, Michigan for a TV appearance on “I’m Just Sayin’ with Dan Willis” on TCT.tv!  BUSY week – but God is blessing me through it!

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