“Terrifying Tales of Imaginary Friends” 9 creepy tales to keep you up at night! #WeirdDarkness

“Terrifying Tales of Imaginary Friends” 9 creepy tales to keep you up at night! #WeirdDarkness

In this episode: At the Marion cemetery in Ohio there is giant sphere that moves without any apparent reason. How is it possible? What mysterious force is causing the ball’s unexplained motion? (Mystery of the Giant Moving Sphere at Marion Cemetery in Ohio) *** The Handmaid’s Tale has found new life as a TV series on Hulu… but did you know that it was a woman accused of witchcraft that inspired the story? It’s the true, disturbing tale of Mary Webster. (The Alleged Witch That Inspired ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’) *** Imaginary friends. Are they simply pretend playmates? Or something more sinister? (5 Creepy Tales of Imaginary Friends) *** If you walk through a house asking questions of the dead – don’t be surprised if they respond. (The Haunted House That Gives Me the Heebie Jeebies) *** I end with the CreepyPasta, “Psychosis”.

If you have a story you would like narrated, you can send it to me at http://www.WeirdDarkness.com. I’m looking for both true and original paranormal stories, original tales of fiction that are dark and strange, articles on true events or unsolved mysteries and monsters, even creepypastas you’d like to hear – either your own or written by someone else. Share them all with me at WeirdDarkness.com.

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Featured in this episode…

“The Alleged Witch That Inspired ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’”

Written by Adam Wernick for WESA.fm


“5 Creepy Tales of Imaginary Friends”

Posted at GhostsNGhouls.com


“The Haunted House That Gives Me The Heebie Jeebies”

Written by Lacy1990 for YourGhostStories.com


“Mystery of the Giant Moving Sphere at Marion Cemetery, Ohio”

Posted at MessageToEagle.com



Written by Gar/Matt Dymerski at CreepyPasta.com


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