Texas woman changes homeless man’s life after he stood on same street corner for three years

A woman has helped to change a homeless man’s life in a matter of months by setting up a Facebook page, after discovering why he stood on the same street corner every day for a full three years. Ginger Sprouse drove past 32-year-old Victor Hubbard every day – four times a day – and he was always on the corner, no matter the weather. That corner was the last place Victor Hubbard saw his mother – and he was waiting there for her to return. Obviously suffering form mental health issues, and also homeless, Ms Sprouse finally stopped and offered him help. Since taking action in December, Ms Sprouse has managed to get Mr Hubbard into mental health clinics, helped him off the streets and has given him a job in her business’s kitchen. Read the full story at http://ind.pn/2mowmV3