The “Bless You” Box

Bless You Box

by Lisa Toner


tissue box
coloring pages (click here for square sides; click here for rectangular sides)
crayons or markers
glitter, stickers or other decorations (optional)
glue stick


1. Ask a parent to help you print out the coloring pages. If you have a square tissue box, print out four square pages. If you have a long, rectangular tissue box, choose two rectangle pages and two square pages.
2. Lay the tissue box on its side on top of the coloring page. Trace around the edge of the tissue box. Repeat for each of the outward facing sides.
3. Decorate the coloring pages however you like.
4. Carefully cut out your coloring pages along the traced lines.
5. Glue the decorated pages to your tissue box.
6. Whenever someone sneezes, hand them the Bless You Box and say, “God bless you!”

Copyright © 2013 by Lisa Toner. Used by permission. Photo © Focus on the Family.

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