The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Cleveland, Ohio

I performed tonight in Lakewood (Cleveland), Ohio for this great group called IMPACT – a church group based out of Lakewood United Methodist Church.  It even got a little pre-show press coverage thanks to the Lakewood Sun Post.  They hired me to do a show at Sullivan’s Irish Pub. Yep – a church held a comedy show at a bar. Now THAT is ministry outside the box!
The show was a challenge with lots of surrounding noise, but it went well for the most part and they seemed very happy as I was leaving. Then again, they seemed very happy as I was leaving… maybe that’s not a good sign?
Anyway, I’m now at restaurant called “My Friends” with a cheese omelet and my laptop because my hotel room, which is supposed to have free high-speed Internet, doesn’t. And that’s not the only thing wrong with the room. Watch the video for the rest of the gory details.

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