The Hungry Leaf (Creation Moments Minute with @DarrenMarlar)

The Hungry Leaf

On today’s Creation Moments Minute – a fish that looks and even acts like a leaf!

A small fish swims near the surface of the Amazon River, looking among the natural floating river debris for food. Though he sees no danger, one of the floating “leaves” is waiting for the little fish to move closer. Then, without warning, the floating “leaf” comes to life, grabs the fish and eats it!

That floating leaf was actually the Amazonian leaf fish. It was carefully designed not only to look like a leaf, but to act like one as well, drifting with the current. Its flat body looks like a leaf. A black line runs the length of its body, giving the appearance of the midrib of a leaf. A fleshy growth in its lower jaw looks like a leaf stem.

Clearly, the Amazonian leaf fish was designed by our magnificent Creator!

For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.

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