I have a theory. The louder and more obnoxious the commercial, the less intelligent the customer being sought. Think about it. No one ever shouts at you to buy the latest Mercedes… but “Billy Bob Dodge” will act like a complete goof and tell you to see him in “Loooooooves Parrrrrrk!” 


Here’s proof for my theory.  Last night I watched a screaming-character commercial for some low-end car dealership. Can’t remember which – it obviously wasn’t directed to me. Anyway, the announcer said “100% of qualified customers approved!” Think about that.  What does it take to get credit approval for a customer? Well, the customer has to qualify! So, by definition, an approved customer cannot be anything other than a qualified customer.


Whoever wrote the script for this car dealer thinks that the customers they are trying to attract are absolute morons. And they’re probably right, because the dealer is still in business.

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