The Very Hairs Of Your Head | Creation Moments Minute

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285>_10019871The Very Hairs of Your Head

On today’s Creation Moments Minute, we’ll see what Jesus meant when He said that the very hairs on our head are all numbered.

The hair that you see is nothing more than dead protein that is produced by the cells of the hair follicle anchored inside the layers of the skin. About 100,000 of your hair follicles are on your scalp. Added up, your hair grows about seven miles each year!

Yes, it’s true – the Creator cares so much about you that He knows from moment to moment how many hairs are on your head. He hasn’t created our world and then left us to drift through space and life all alone. He has even expressed His love and purpose for you in the words of the Bible. Take a look today at what Scripture says about Jesus, who loved you so much He even gave His life for you!

For Creation Moments Minute dot com, I’m Darren Marlar.

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