They Are Short 10,000 Exotic Dancers In Dallas For Super Bowl 45?

Okay, so apparently they are 10,000 strippers short for Super Bowl weekend in Dallas.  Granted, I understand that 100,000 people coming to your town for any event is going to increase traffic for just about every business with a storefront – including the adult entertainment business.  But 10,000 strippers?

C’mon, really?  Unless you’re going to an adult film industry convention, how does ANY event warrant a quota on strippers at all?  And how do you possibly come up with a number like this?  How many is the stadium going to hold – 100,000 maybe?  That’s 1 stripper for every ten stadium goers.  Even if you doubled that number – you’re talking one exotic dancer for every twenty people.  Where in ANY society is that ratio considered normal?  I doubt ancient Rome had statistics like that.  And that’s assuming that all 100,000 football fans are going to desire the company of an exotic dancer.  Never mind the fact that a good portion of them are going to be female in those stands.  Or underage.

Come to think of it, what does it say about our society in general that there’s even such a thing as a “shortage on strippers”?  We can’t think of anything better to spend money on than watching barely legal females degrade themselves?  And if we’re 10,000 short – how many must there be in the Dallas area already employed?  At least that many – right?  How sad is it that we already have at least 10,000 strippers and somehow that’s not enough to satisfy demand?

People… take your money, and buy a Wii.  Subscribe to Netflix.  Take in a live show at the theater with fully-clothed individuals.  Trust me – the entertainment value far exceeds anything these 10,000 women are going to be offering.  And you won’t have to hide it from your wife or lie to your mother.

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