Today is “National Backyard Games Day”…

Ah, backyard games… like Hide-n-Seek, Tag, Capture the Flag, Run From Daddy’s Belt… ah, the memories.
But you have to wonder what some people were thinking when it came to outdoor games. Remember croquet? Boy, the temptation to misuse those mallets was overwhelming, wasn’t it? Croquet was way too slow moving and disinteresting of a game for such a cool thing as a mallet. We used our mallets like golf clubs, sending those hard wooden balls towards the shins and groins of anyone brave enough to play in our yard. Or within ball shot of it. Mallets also made great temporary resting stools if you put the handle to the ground and the mallet head to your rear. In a pinch they made great hockey sticks, turtle stompers, bug splatters, and if you got really bored… applesauce makers.
Then there was horseshoes. Metal spikes and iron letter “U’s” that Mom and Dad ENCOURAGED you to throw. And not only were you allowed to throw them – but you were allowed to throw them toward the other team. And not once did your parents yell, “You might put an eye out!”
Of course, the ultimate backyard game was similar to horseshoes, but instead of those dangerous metal horseshoes to throw, they replaced them with the safer, more family-friendly javelins known as Lawn Darts. You could put an eye out, but only if you had great aim.
As I get older though, I lose interest in games that are so dangerous. I try to distance myself from games that may actually put an eye out. So now my wife and I have a new game we play outdoors.
It’s called Squirrel And Pellet Gun.

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