Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow…

shadow1o Today is MAKE TODAY BETTER THAN YESTERDAY DAY.  ***MARLAR: Which makes tomorrow “Make Today Better Than The Day Before Yesterday Day.”

o This is SHADOW DAY.  In 1930  Orson Welles starred as “The Shadow” in the show’s radio debut. At first, the Shadow was the narrator for changing stories, but later became a character in his own adventures. He knew what evil lurked in the hearts of men and scared the tar out of the bad guys.  ***MARLAR: Later, Alec Baldwin became “The Shadow” on the big screen and now nobody’s afraid of him.

o Today is MUTT’S DAY, honoring all dogs that are not just one breed.  ***MARLAR: Why don’t we have anything like this for humans?  I’m German/Irish.  My wife is German/Czech, and what about Tiger Woods – I don’t even know what he is.  And President Obama even admits to being a mutt!  How about we have a Human Mutt Day?  Because really, if you look at it, just about everyone has some mutt in them if you look far enough back into your family’s history.  So why is racism such a problem?

o Today is MAKE HOMEMADE ICE CREAM AND INVITE THE NEIGHBORS OVER DAY.  ***MARLAR: Does anyone still make ice cream at home anymore?  It’s hard to beat when it comes to taste and texture.  There’s a “today in history” fact about ice cream as well.  On this day in 2001, a Tokyo exhibit featured sweet potato, squid, ox tongue, cactus, eel, crab, and octopus ice cream. Perhaps that’s why we don’t make homemade ice cream anymore.

o This is PHONUITAR DAY.  In 1969 Moscow police reported that thieves had stolen telephone parts from thousands of phone booths to convert their acoustic guitars to electric.  ***MARLAR: Proving that it’s not “Rock ‘n’ Roll” that corrupted society… it’s telephones.

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