Today is WHAT YOU THINK UPON GROWS DAY, a day to remind people of the power of positive thinking. ***MARLAR: I don’t think this is meant literally though, because I think upon my paycheck constantly and it hasn’t grown a lick.

Today is NATIONAL SPEAK IN COMPLETE SENTENCES DAY.  ***MARLAR: Be careful though, because if you think too long upon National Speak In Complete Sentences Day the sentences you speak may grow longer due to today being What You Think Upon Grows Day, and that may make it a lot tougher to speak in complete sentences. 


Today is NATIONAL MACAROON DAY.  ***MARLAR: Macaroon is just a letter or two off of macaroni – but macaroons don’t taste near as good with cheese.


Today is WORLD NO-TOBACCO DAY, a day to discourage people from using tobacco.  ***MARLAR: I think I figured out how to get kids not to smoke.  Have parents tell them it’s cool.  That should end it right then and there.

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