Today’s Weird Holidays – August 16, 2009

 Today is STAY HOME WITH YOUR KIDS DAY, a day to support and encourage stay-at-home parents.  ***MARLAR: And if you’re already at work, just go up to your boss and tell him or her that Marlar said you’re supposed to stay at home today with your kids.  I’m sure your boss will understand.  

• Today is NATIONAL TELL A JOKE DAY.  ***MARLAR: And if you happen to be a stay-at-home parent, you probably get enough jokes as it is.  How many times can you hear “Knock, knock – who’s there – banana” before going a little bananas yourself?

• Today is REMEMBER WHAT YOUR SPOUSE WORE THE FIRST TIME YOU MET DAY.  ***MARLAR: Ooh… if anything was designed to get husbands in trouble, it’s this day!  Personally, I do remember what Robin was wearing that first day we met… a red and white polka-dot dress.  At least, I think it was red and white… maybe it was stripes.  Then again, come to think of it, she was wearing blue jeans and an orange t-shirt.  I’m in big trouble.

• Today is NATIONAL TRUE LOVE FOREVER DAY.  ***MARLAR: Only a woman’s true love could get past her husband not remembering the special things… like what she was wearing the first day you met.

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