NATIONAL NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION RECOMMITMENT DAY. ***MARLAR: That’s right, you get another chance this year to feel like a complete failure. 


This is NATIONAL BATHROOM READING WEEK. ***MARLAR: This is mostly for the women listening… because for the guys, it’s always Bathroom Reading Week.



This is NATIONAL DOG HOUSE REPAIRS MONTH.  ***MARLAR: Very popular with the husbands that spend a lot of time there.


This is CELL PHONE COURTESY MONTH, a time to remind cell phone users to hush once in a while.  ***MARLAR: That’s assuming you can get them off their cell phone long enough to tell them about it.


Today is NATIONAL GINGER SNAP DAY.  ***MARLAR: Isn’t that the reason “Gilligan’s Island” went off the air?


Today is COURT-TV DAY… it debuted on this day, July 1st, 1991.  ***MARLAR: And now a list of a few other things that have made us generally worse off as a country…

  • The price of gas and movie tickets
  • “No Turn on Red” signs
  • The word “wazzup”
  • Sweater sets for dogs
  • Meatless hot dogs
  • Spam (both kinds)



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