Keep your bug spray with you, because this is MOSQUITO WEEK.  ***MARLAR: Like we don’t feed them enough the rest of the summer, eh?


Today is DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE OMELET DAY.  ***MARLAR: I understood the idea of not placing all of my eggs in one basket – but all of my eggs in one omelet?  Like I’m going to use a dozen eggs for single breakfast item?


Today is CRACKS IN THE SIDEWALK DAY, a day not to step on any cracks – not because it’s bad luck, but just to see if you can do it.  ***MARLAR: Remember that old saying, “Step on a crack and break your mother’s back?” How is that a deterrent? Every time I was grounded I found myself looking dilapidated sidewalks.


This is NATIONAL AWARENESS WEEK FOR LIFESAVING TECHNIQUES.  ***MARLAR: I remember in high school how we had to take a CPR class to be ready to save lives… and they made me give artificial respiration to a mannequin that didn’t have any arms or legs. It wasn’t until the day of my wedding that I even dared kissing a woman after that. And that was only after rubbing her mouth with alcohol.





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