Today is NATIONAL FROZEN YOGURT DAY.  ***MARLAR: How can you tell when yogurt goes bad?  Does it un-curdle?  Then again, it probably won’t go bad as quickly if it’s frozen, so never mind.



Today is CHEESE DAY.  ***MARLAR: Quick question, why do they have you say “cheese” when taking your picture?  Is it because you feel cheesy doing so?

TELEMARKETING AWARENESS WEEK begins today.  ***MARLAR: Who is this a problem for?  Once they call you in the middle of your family dinner, “presto!” – you’re aware of them.



Today is FROST YOUR HAIR DAY, a day for people who have never frosted their hair to give it a try.  ***MARLAR: The tough part for me is choosing what flavor frosting to go with.



Today is HUG YOUR CAT DAY.  ***MARLAR: And while you’re holding her, hold her down and frost her hair.



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