Today is ROLLER COASTER DAY, marking operation of the first roller coaster at Brooklyn’s Coney Island on this date in 1884. ***MARLAR: Then there is the roller coaster of my job. I hate my job… I love my job… I hate my job… I love my job… the boss is mad at me… the boss is mad at me… the boss is mad at me… the boss is mad at me…


Today is NATIONAL COW DAY in Norway. ***MARLAR: Celebrate at a McDonald’s near you.


It’s NATIONAL APPLESAUCE CAKE DAY. ***MARLAR: How do you shape applesauce into a cake anyway?


Today is NATIONAL TAILORS DAY. ***MARLAR: I’m losing weight and inches, but I really can’t afford to keeping buying new clothes.  So… can they “take-in” underwear? 


Today is REJECTED HOLIDAYS DAY.  ***MARLAR: Every day we go through some of the strange holidays that are being celebrated – and as weird as some of them sound, somebody had to approve them in order for us to talk about them.  That means that there are also holidays that never were approved, or were rejected for one reason or another.  We have a partial list of some of those rejected holidays.

o    National Don’t Pick That Scab Day

o    National Nose Hair Awareness Day

o    National Floss with Pride Day

o    Mulch Appreciation Day

o    Uncontrollable Facial Tic Day

o    National Bugs That Are Small Enough To Fly Up Inside Your Ear and Get Stuck There Awareness Day



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