Today is NATIONAL OPEN A WINDOW DAY, to let in the sounds and smells of spring before it’s too late.  ***MARLAR: (Sniff)  Ah… (LOCAL FARM TOWN)… smell our dairy air!


Today is The QUEEN’S OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY, the official birthday celebration of England’s Queen Elizabeth II. Her actual birthday is April 21.  ***MARLAR: So… what the heck is wrong with celebrating your birthday on April 21st? 


Today is WORK AT HOME FATHER’S DAY, a day to honor and celebrate fathers who choose to work from home.  ***MARLAR: By the way, if you sit in front of a computer all day long surfing and playing Solitaire – but it’s all on the same computer that you run your home business from… that still counts.


Today is NATIONAL LOBSTER DAY.  ***MARLAR: Lobsters are people too, you know – and you can help a lobster today by going to your local grocer or seafood restaurant, buying a live lobster, and then setting it free in the woods!






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