Today is PSYCHO DAY, marking the premier of the classic movie Psycho on this date in 1960.  ***MARLAR: It was about that same time that people began to prefer whirlpool baths to showers. (



Today is HORSEY PARENTS DAY, a time to honor parents who play horsey – again and again and again.


Speaking of playing… this is RECESS AT WORK WEEK.  Each day this week at 11:00 a.m., all computers should be shut down so everyone at work can go outside and play.   ***MARLAR: So if you could leave work to go out and play, what game would you play?  Here are a few activities you can organize on the fly…

  • Dodgeball: Management vs. Accounting
  • Building gravel castles in the parking lot
  • Waiting for the constantly napping guy to pass out and then draw on his face with a Sharpie
  • Making balloon animals out of the plastic gloves from the janitor’s closet
  • Racing cockroaches from the kitchen
  • Climbing the oversized corporate sculpture in front of the building
  • Playing “Duck, Duck, You’re Fired”



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