Today is POOP OUT EARLY DAY, a day to fake complete exhaustion to leave early.  ***MARLAR: I guess it’d be a bit obvious if I were to suddenly get sleepy now that we’ve publicized this, eh?


Today is LET IT GO DAY. Whatever is bugging you, let it go.  ***MARLAR: I don’t know… I’m kinda bugged at the fact that I’m pooped but can’t go home yet. 


Today is NATIONAL PIZZAZZ DAY. Add a little pizzazz to your life today.  ***MARLAR: Are they KIDDING?!?!  I’m too pooped to pizzazz!  Can I go home now?


Today is NATIONAL PECAN SANDY DAY.  ***MARLAR: I don’t know why, but ever time I hear the word “Sandy” I immediately think of Sandy Duncan.  And I’m really in the mood for a Wheat Thin.


Today is MORTICIANS APPRECIATION DAY. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.  ***MARLAR: And now for the top pet peeves of morticians…

  • Dying in each other’s arms may sound romantic, but to you it just means overtime.
  • You’re the best make-up artist in the world, but your models never make the cover of Cosmo.
  • Nobody visits your booth at junior high “career days.”



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