Today is TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY, sponsored by Pet Sitters of King, North Carolina (  ***MARLAR: Now that’s interesting… a business that specializes in watching your pet for you is asking you to watch your own pet today.  Great business plan.


Today is NATIONAL SWIMMING DAY.  ***MARLAR: So what happens if you’re a professional swimmer and you take your dog to work today?  Do you just work on your dog-paddle?   


Today is NEWFOUNDLAND DISCOVERY DAY, marking John Cabot’s arrival on June 24, 1497.  ***MARLAR: I can understand it being called Newfoundland when it was newly found in 1497… but that was more than 600 years ago.  Shouldn’t we just  be calling it “Land” now?


Today is NATIONAL SWING A KID DAY.  ***MARLAR: Which makes aiming for the piñata a LOT more entertaining.



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