Today is PLEASE TAKE MY CHILDREN TO WORK DAY.  ***MARLAR: While “Take Your Daughter or Son to Work Day” has the parent taking the kid to the office, “Please Take My Children to Work Day” is more for parents, asking someone… anyone… to take their kids to the office for the day so the parent can have a few hours of peace and quiet.

Today is SENSE OF HUMOR IN BED APPRECIATION DAY.  ***MARLAR: But seeing as I do a family-friendly radio show, it’s probably best that we skip this one. 

Today is LITTLE BIGHORN DAY. The Sioux army, led by Chiefs Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, wiped out Lt. Col. George Custer’s U.S. forces on this date in 1876 at the Little Bighorn River in Montana.  ***MARLAR: Sitting Bull had the edge, as the U.S. forces were distracted trying to figure out how a horn could be both little and big at the same time. 

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