Today is DECIDE TO BE MARRIED DAY.  ***MARLAR: I’m sure this day is for singles who’ve been debating taking the plunge, but I’d also like to challenge those of you who are already legally married.  Today, start ACTING married.  Make a point of scheduling time to just be with your wife or husband.  No special reason, just to be with them.  Resolve to give your spouse a hug and kiss before you take off in different directions for the day.  First thing when you get home, seek out your spouse and give them another hug and a kiss and tell them you love them.  If you REALLY want to take this seriously and truly decide to be married, go online to and find out how to make your marriage the best it can be. 


Today is PG-13 DAY. The PG-13 movie rating was introduced on this date in 1984.  ***MARLAR: Nowadays, I think we need more ratings… like PG-15, PG-17, NC-NOBODY…






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