Today’s Weird Holidays – May 24, 2009

Today is BROTHERS DAY, a day to celebrate brotherhood and brotherly-love.  ***MARLAR: I was the older brother in my house, but I know that for the younger brothers it’s often hard to follow in their older brother’s footsteps.  But look on the bright side – your older brother could’ve been JESUS! 

Today is NATIONAL ESCARGOT DAY.  ***MARLAR: A celebration I just assume avoid.

Today is PLAY KICK THE CAN WITH A KID DAY.  ***MARLAR: Just to alleviate confusion, that means to find a can and play the game with a kid, not play Kick the Can with a kid, by using the kid as a can.

Today is INTERNATIONAL TIARA DAY.  ***MARLAR: Real or virtual tiara wearing is optional.  But if you do decide to act as if you’re wearing a tiara today, be sure to take your Chihuahua with you.

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