Tomorrow’s high is only 25-degrees?

Just arrived at my hotel in Kent, Ohio – I have a comedy show tomorrow night near here.  As a lover of all things radio, I of course hit the scan button in my car while driving in.  Came across AM 800, CKLW – a station that obviously has a powerful signal because it reached the Cleveland area from Windsor, Ontario Canada. 

I know it’s colder in Canada… but it is the last day of July – so imagine my surprise when I heard a weather forecast saying tonight’s low is going to be 17-degrees, and tomorrow’s high will be 25-degrees.  They mentioned something about a holiday weekend – so I’m thinking ooooooh, it’s a prerecorded forecast from Christmastime that somehow got on  the air!

I’m obviously a typical American, thinking the entire world does things exactly as we do… it was only after I did a little online research that I realized Canadian meteorologists think like… well… Canadians.  They use Celsius as opposed to Fahrenheit. 

Which immediately brings to mind… do Classic Rock stations in Canada air Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded” as-is?  What happens when they get to the line, “gotta fever of a hundred and three”?  Did they record a different version of the song singing, “gotta fever of thirty nine point four four four four”? 

As for the holiday weekend – apparently the first Monday of August is a Canadian holiday and everyone gets the day off – they call it “August Long Weekend”.  Gee… that’s clever.  It’s a long weekend in August, so what shall we call it… hmm… hey, how about we call it “August Long Weekend!?”  As for why they have it… apparently it’s an excuse to just have a three day weekend in which to party and sleep in. 

Why couldn’t we Americans think of something like that?  Probably because it’s too hot here.  After all, today it reached 26.66666666666666666 degrees Celsius here in Ohio.

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