Top 10 Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Month

Top 10 Ideas for Pastor Appreciate MonthOctober 11 is Pastor appreciation Sunday and the month of October is Clergy appreciation month. In response here are 10 Top Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Month.  (Read the expanded list here.)

  1. A Gift Card Goes A Long Way.
  2. Those Extra Tickets Do A Lot.
  3. Pass Along Your Airline Miles.
  4. Make Your Family Cabin or Condo Available.
  5. Don’t Shy From Giving Cash.
  6. Pre-Pay for a Handy Man Service.
  7. Take your pastor’s car to be detailed and while you’re at it, top off the gas tank.
  8. Make a Pastor’s Kids Dreams Come True.
  9. Give the Pastor a Date Night.
  10. Dedicate time to pray for your pastor each week, but let them know what you are specifically praying.