Top Gifts for 2009 According to Santa Himself…

Santa’s Top Picks for Electronics

  • DJ Hero – This music rhythm video game has an electronic turntable device that lets kids mix and scratch to popular tunes like a real DJ.  Starting at $99.99 at GameStop.
  • Wii Motion Plus – This new Wii accessory has additional sensors creating fast response to the slightest wrist action or twist, and greatly enhances accuracy and control – just $24.99 at GameStop.
  • Keeping in the Wii family – Find Super Mario Bros Wii $49.99; Wii Fit Plus Game $99.99; Wii Sports Resort $49.99; Nintendo Wii $199.99 and more at GameStop.
  • Remote control toys – Children love animated plush toys and vehicles that go.  Get a full-function radio control Corvette or Ford F150 for $49.99 at RadioShack.

Santa’s Grownup Picks for Bigger “Kids”

  1. Rubik’s Touch Cube – Colored lights, sound effects and a touch system update this classic.  Available by special order at Barnes & Noble for $175.
  2. Mini Laptops / Netbooks – All of the best manufacturers from Apple to Dell are in the game. These mini laptops are perfect for travel and staying “connected” wherever you are.  Starting at $249.99 on
  3. Video Game Consoles – From Xbox to Wii, the game consoles get better every year and feature relatively inexpensive add-ons to keep the games challenging and enjoyable year after year.
  4. Portable GPS Navigator Systems – These systems have navigated their way from the dashboard to the purse and pocket. Pre-program any location in any city and you’re on your way.  The Tom Tom One 130 is regularly priced at $129.99 at Radio Shack.
  5. Mobile Phones – The latest editions go beyond calls, text and e-mail to features including video cameras, Web browsers, and photo capabilities that are better than many stand-alone cameras.  Get the new iPod Nano with video at Radio Shack $149.99 or the Apple iPod Touch 8GB for $199.99.
  6. Blu-ray Disc Player – It seems like Blu-ray picture quality just can’t get any better, and now many players are compatible with almost any disc format. Recent updates include streaming and Wi-Fi capabilities to watch Internet content on your TV. The list of options is endless.  Available at RadioShack and Sears.
  7. Portable Gaming Devices – From the Sony PSP to the Nintendo DS you can take fun along wherever you want to go. Don’t forget accessories like headphones and portable speakers.  Nintendo DSi at GameStop just $169.99.
  8. Digital Cameras – Point-and-shoots have come a long way. High quality imagery, ease of use, and affordable prices make it easier than ever to capture your memories.  Stop by RadioShack and pick up a 7” Digital Photo Frame for $59.99.
  9. Portable MP3 Players – Sleek new models feature touch screens and can play music and games, stream podcasts, show HD video, and more. Look for iPod, Zune and SanDisk models.
  10. Flip Video Mini Camcorders – These hand-held video recorders are the size of a cell phone, can record up to 120 minutes, and can come with built-in software for sharing your adventures.  Only $149.99 at RadioShack.

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