Should You Be Tough With Your Child’s Doctor?

Image result for angry at doctorSo you think being tough with your child’s doctor is the best way to make sure he gets proper healthcare? That’d be a big fat noooooo! New research from the University of Florida shows that rude parents can cause serious, even deadly, consequences for their kids. Their findings are that doctors and nurses performed as much as 40% worse when confronted with angry and rude parents. Study co-author Amir Erez said while there is much concern about medical errors, the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. is medical professionals are “not paying attention at all to the effect that social interactions can have on performance.” In the end, the lesson is that doctors and nurses are people too and find it harder to work when they’re being emotionally abused. (CBS News) ***So the next time you’re in the emergency room with a loved one, be sure to be polite to the nurses and doctors – it could save your loved one’s life!