Toxic Butterflies Fool Evolutionists

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Toxic Butterflies Fool Evolutionists

An evolutionary hoax about poisonous butterflies coming up next on today’s Creation Moments Minute!


The poison in a monarch butterfly is strong enough to stop the heart of any creature who eats enough of it. Evolutionary scientists thought that the viceroy butterfly evolved to look like the monarch to fool birds into thinking that it, too, was toxic. This evolutionary thinking remained untested until a few years ago, basically because scientists often consider it improper to question evolutionary claims.

However, the tests using the wingless bodies of six different kinds of butterflies, including viceroys, proved that viceroys are also toxic to birds. Birds avoid the viceroy because it manufactures its own toxins. In fact, research has shown that the viceroy is even more poisonous than the monarch!

This true story of the viceroy butterfly proves once again that evolution is bad science

For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.

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