TV Sitcom?

In case you haven’t been following me on Facebook, I’ve been trying to get an audition for the lead character in a new sitcom being produced this June.

Just heard back from the producers… whoo hoo!  They like what they see from me and want me to audition for the lead role!  So do me a favor, friends… put April 17th, 11:30am on your calendars and pray for me!  That’s when I’ll be auditioning!

I’m halfway tempted to show up to the audition “in character” dressed as a delivery guy (the lead character owns a delivery truck service), but how psycho would that be?  Sean Young did the same thing when auditioning to be Catwoman back in the 1980’s for the Batman sequel opposite Michael Keaton.  She freaked everyone out so bad she had to be escorted off the premises, and Michelle Pfeiffer got the role.

Perhaps I’ll just show up in regular garb and hope my personality and charm will do the trick.

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