Two Redhead Broadcasters Losing Their Jobs This Week

I need to clear up a rumor.  I’m not losing my job this Friday (unlike another famous red head who very well may be unemployed once this week is up).  Well, not in the sense that some seem to think.  I’m actually giving up my radio show voluntarily.

Unlike Conan, I’m not being fired, let go, downsized, etc.  Too bad too… because I could totally go out the way Conan is – spending mountains of money on stupid stuff all week just because he can and he has nothing to lose (check out the video below).

This would be an amazing way to go out, wouldn’t it?  If this were the case at the radio station, I’d be ordering pizza all week on my show, having it delivered by cab by dancing girls, and then hire the Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleaders to pick up the leftover trash.  Oh… and I’d hire a limo to pick me up and take me home from work each day… the entire two blocks between my house and the radio station.

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