How Two Religious Women Shattered Stereotypes About Dressing Modestly

Dressing modestly is slowly becoming a more mainstream fashion trend, thanks in large part to religious Jewish and Muslim women who are bridging the gap between honoring their traditions while expressing their style. According to the Huffington Post, Sisters-in-law Mimi Hecht and Mushky Notik, the founders of MIMU MAXI who are also Hasidic Jews, say that Many women, regardless of their religious affiliations, would cite ease and comfort as top priorities when choosing what to wear. MIMU MAXI follow the requirements of Jewish law and modest dressing, which include higher necklines, sleeves past the elbow and longer lengths, but they say they are also clothes that they want to wear.  And honestly, after seeing some of the photos, I think I’d rather see women dressed like this as well.  Still extremely attractive, but modest and respectful.  See more photos and read the full article here.