“Visits With ZoZo” and 4 more creepy tales to give you nightmares! #WeirdDarkness

“Visits With ZoZo” and 4 more creepy tales to give you nightmares! #WeirdDarkness

In this episode: Built in the late 1830’s, the Lochnivar Plantation mansion was home to the Gordon family for many years and watched over by an old caretaker. The Gordon family is long gone now…. but the old caretaker still watches over the place. (Lochinvar Plantation) *** In Japan, there is a mysterious, inter-dimensional being with strange abilities. (Yōkai) *** A delivery man gets chills when he takes a package to this particular house. (Mill Valley Santa) *** What do you do if you don’t believe in the paranormal, yet your child insists there is a monster in their room? (Visits From Zozo) *** Is there a creature that lives in the woods that surround Lincoln Way? (The Beast on Lincoln Way)

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Featured in this episode …

“Lochinvar Plantation”

Written by Troy Taylor for PrairieGhosts.com


“Yokai” – taken from “Yōkai: Mysterious Interdimensional Force With Odd Abilities In Japanese Mythology”

Written by A. Sutherland – posted at AncientPages.com


“Mill Valley Santa”

Written by ABCNinja for YourGhostStories.com


“Visits From Zozo”

Posted at GhostsNGhouls.com


“The Beast on Lincoln Way”

Posted at Reddit by cmd102

Photos by AbandonedOnline.net


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