Wednesday Weigh-In: April 08, 2015

BecomingALesserManIt was almost exactly one year ago that I got off track with my health routine – and within a year I gained almost thirty pounds.  No kidding.

On June 12, 2013 I was up to 350lbs, which is when I began my diet.  I remained steady for a very long time, but I got serious about it in January 2014.

By April 02, 2014 – I was down to 337.  (I lost thirteen pounds!)

Then I got lazy, undisciplined… and I gained almost thirty pounds, ending up at 365lbs at the beginning of this month.  Heavier than I’ve ever been.

After weeks of telling myself I had to do something, this week I’m finally back on track.  The last few days I’ve been dedicated to eating healthier, and I even got in a little exercise.  I’m now at 361.2lbs – and I’m determined to make this work.

So, I’d appreciate your prayers as I step back into this and I will try to give you an update every week on my progress – bad or good.  So, here we go…

WednesdayWeighInStarting Weigh-In: 365 pounds (Apr. 01, 2015)
Last Weigh-In: 361.2 pounds (Apr 08, 2015)
Today’s Weight: 361.2 pounds (Apr 08, 2015)