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NOVEMBER 24, 2010…

Burlesque—Christina Aguilera turns to acting in this movie in which she co-stars with Cher. Premise is (you guessed it) burlesque and in particular The Burlesque Lounge, which Cher owns. Christina is from a small town and begins to work at the lounge, wanting to become a star performer. Aquilera has the voice, but can she act? She has done music video’s, but this is a full-length film. Look at those costumes! Also in the cast are Stanley Tucci, Kristen Bell, Alan Cumming and Eric Dane. “Burlesque” is rated PG 13 for language, partial nudity and alcohol use. No rating.

Faster—Dwayne Johnson (“The Rock”) puts away family films for a revenge-based film in which he is one tough dude. He just got out of prison and is after the people who killed his brother. (Think Charles Bronson’s revenge here). To make things interesting, a killer (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) is after Johnson, plus a lawman, Billy Bob Thornton. Plenty of action here. “Faster” is rated R for violence, drug use and language. Rating of 2 for fans of “The Rock.”

Love and Other Drugs— Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal star in a romantic comedy about people who work in the pharmaceutical business. Jake is a salesman who sells a sex-enhancing drug. He meets Anne, who is fun to be with, but she is ill, hence the unusual title of this film. Also in the cast are Judy Greer and Josh Gad. “Love and Other Drugs” is rated R for sexual content, nudity, language and drug material. No rating.

Tangled (3 D and 2 D)—(former titled “Rapunzel”) has the voices of Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi. The prince is actually somewhat of a rascal and when he (and his sidekick the horse) try to find a hiding place, they come upon a tower where Rapunzel resides under a spell. Before you can snap your fingers, she escapes with the aid of her hair that must be 40 feet long (only joking, it’s not quite an anaconda but acts like one) and experiences green grass and trees for the first time. “Tangled” is rated PG for comic violence. Rating of 2 for animation fans.

NOVEMBER 26, 2010…

The King’s Speech—Colin Firth (look out Oscar nomination, here I come) plays Queen Elizabeth II’s father, George VI who had a slight speech impediment. In the mid 1930’s,  the king has to make an important speech and this film shows him working with a speech instructor, Geoffrey Rush. Helena Bonham Carter plays Elizabeth, his wife. The top speech maker at this time in the world was Adolph Hitler. “The King’s Speech” is rated R for language. This is a controversial “R” as it could have been PG 13. Rating of 3 for Colin Firth fans and you know who you are.

DECEMBER 03, 2010…

Black Swan is a tour de force performance for Natalie Portman in the role of a troubled ballerina seeking perfection.

The Warrior’s Way stars Korean action star Jang Don-gun as an assassin hiding out in the American Badlands.

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