Weird Holidays – August 07, 2009

o Today is PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS DAY.  ***MARLAR: Doesn’t this just sound like a professional speaker… creating their own holiday so people can ask them to professionally speak about what it’s like to be a professional speaker.

o TWINS DAY.  In 1993, in Twinsburg, Ohio, identical twins Phil and Doug Malm married identical twins Jill and Jena Lassen in front of twin ministers with 1,500 sets of twins witnessing the ceremony. It was Twins Day. ***MARLAR: An interesting fact – in the case of twins marrying twins, the resulting children are genetically more like brothers and sisters than cousins!

o Today is SEA SERPENT DAY. ***MARLAR: Be on the lookout for them as you drive down (LOCALLY FLOODED STREET).

o Today is NATIONAL TAKE LAST WINTER’S SNOWBALLS OUT OF THE FREEZER AND HAVE A FIGHT DAY.  ***MARLAR: You did remember to set aside a few in the freezer, didn’t you?  If not, just be prepared to be bombarded today by those who did remember.

o DON’T WAIT – CELEBRATE! WEEK begins today, a time dedicated to spontaneous celebrations of non-milestone events.  ***MARLAR: Heck, that describes my entire show!

o Today is PARTICULARLY PREPOSTEROUS PACKAGING DAY, a day to focus on why packages are so stinkin’ hard to open.  ***MARLAR: Like CD packaging.  Something isn’t right with the world when it takes you longer to unwrap a CD than it takes to listen to it.

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