Weird Holidays – August 12, 2009

o Today is PUT PEANUTS IN YOUR COKE DAY.  ***MARLAR: I know Coke is supposed to go with everything, but this is just a bit too weird for me.

o Today is NATIONAL TOASTED ALMOND BAR DAY.  ***MARLAR: Hey, if you’re going so far as to put peanuts in your Coke, why not really go nuts.

o Today is VINYL RECORDS DAY.  ***MARLAR: Many music-lovers believe that recorded music sounds better on vinyl rather than in digital forms like MP3… and I agree.  But it’s real hard to get vinyl records to fit inside your iPod.

o Today is THE GLORIOUS TWELFTH – the beginning of the 4-month grouse hunting season in the Highlands of Scotland.  ***MARLAR: Exciting.  It’s also the beginning of the snipe-hunting season in the United States! 

o Today is NATIONAL MIDDLE CHILD’S DAY.  ***MARLAR: You get bonus points if your name is Jan or Peter.

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