WEIRD HOLIDAYS – June 11, 2009

Today is NATIONAL GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE DAY.  ***MARLAR: It has nothing to do with Germany, it was invented back in 1852 by a guy named Sam German. 


Today is NATIONAL FEED THE DUCKS DAY. (Pigeons don’t count).


Today is RACE UNITY DAY.  ***MARLAR: You can either get together today with someone of a different skin color, or you can challenge a Unitarian to a foot race.

Today is NATIONAL HUG DAY. Some call it Hug Holiday, a day to give hugs to those who need them. Some celebrate it June 29th, others celebrate it today.  ***MARLAR: Still others celebrate it on both June 11th and June 29th because they’re really clingy. 

Today is AMERICAN IDOL DAY. The TV show debuted on Fox on this date in 2002.  ***MARLAR: No other show has done so much towards introducing America to really mediocre talent. 


Today is INTERNATIONAL TOWN CRIERS DAY.  ***MARLAR: Something you do NOT want to hear from your town crier…

o    The Scientologists are coming!  The Scientologists are coming!

o    Abandon hope, all ye who enter the bathroom at the State Street Road Ranger!

o    Halt!  Do not proceed in your ill-fitting spandex!



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