Weird Holidays – October 04, 2012

Today is INTERNATIONAL TOOT YOUR FLUTE DAY, a day to promote yourself.  ***MARLAR: Known here on the show as “Thursday.”

Today is NATIONAL TACO DAY.  ***MARLAR: If you’re not careful, eating too many might cause you to toot your flute.

IMPROVE YOUR HOME OFFICE WEEK.  ***MARLAR: For some, that would require dismantling it.

SPINNING AND WEAVING WEEK begins today.  ***MARLAR: I don’t know about the weaving, but the spinning certainly takes place as we find things to toot our flutes about.

Today is PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY DAY, observed each year on Peppi the Peanut’s birthday. ***MARLAR: We celebrate the birthday of a nut with a name? Heck, I fit that description and no one celebrates my birthday.

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