Weird News – August 2nd – 2009

A school library in Falkenberg, Sweden, is refusing to lend books to students whose underwear is showing.  ***MARLAR: Let me get this straight: teenagers who walk around with their underwear showing… they read BOOKS?!

A couple in Belgium is passing out leaflets door-to-door hoping to find an egg donor so they can have a baby.  ***MARLAR: The poor couple passed out over 4,000 leaflets before finding a typo. Now they’ll be eating frozen waffles for the next 15 years.

Do you “Google” your dates? Lots of people do. Katie Laird, a Web marketing professional from Houston, advises her friends to use the power of the Internet search giant. Laird adds that “googling” her dates will help you learn things about them that you likely won’t learn during the actual date… both bad and good.  She says there’s an upside to cyberspace dating. She says she met her future husband online.  ***MARLAR: Times have changed, haven’t they?  Before Google existed, if you googled your date you’d get a slap in the face.

Jacqueline Cropley isn’t going anywhere without her four-legged hero. Cropley is now looking for a new place to live after a fire destroyed her apartment complex in Juneau, Alaska. She credits her Alaska husky, Coco, with saving her life. She says Coco was barking and scratching at her door, awakening her during the fire last Wednesday. But Cropley says she’s having trouble finding a new apartment, because many landlords don’t allow pets. ***MARLAR: Especially pets that like to scratch up doors. 

City officials in Odgen Utah, may soon be sniffing out a few good noses. The City Council is considering a proposal to create an objectionable odor ordinance. The measure would create a nose patrol that would take a whiff when citizens complain about yucky smells. Violators could be fined up to 500 dollars for making a stink. Members of the council say the call for an odor law has been prompted by complaints about a pet food company in Ogden. ***MARLAR: A spokesman for the company says the new odor ordinance stinks. 

A recent study says that New York city produces 1% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions — as much as the entire countries or Ireland or Portgugal.  ***MARLAR: Legislation is now being drafted to ban New Yorkers from breathing.

A University of Michigan study found that if a child is misbehaving, removing his tonsils might help.  ***MARLAR: Or just threatening to remove them.

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