What To Give Up for Lent? Twitter Reveals Top 100 Ideas of 2015

Nearly one in five Americans observed Lent last year, and more than half a million tweeted about their fast. According to Christianity Today, Stephen Smith of OpenBible.info is again tracking the hundreds of thousands of Lenten tweets during the week of Ash Wednesday. On Monday of last week Smith said 4,000 tweets had already been analyzed and perennial favorites including ‘alcohol,’ ‘chocolate,’ and ‘social networking’ again lead the list.” He added: “Given winter weather conditions in the eastern U.S., I expect that snow- and winter-related tweets will be popular this year as well.” Food and technology were the most popular categories that roughly 646,000 tweeting Americans reported giving up in 2014. The top five choices: School, chocolate, Twitter, swearing, and alcohol. ***MARLAR: Wait a minute… school? Giving up school for Lent? Why wasn’t I was aware that was an option back in high school? I’ve been gyped! http://bit.ly/1A6gEB6

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