Where’s My Baby Brother?

Okay, okay, I get it. My little brother, who graduated in 1989, has his 20-year high school reunion coming up later this year.  You can stop emailing me now.

I’ve been emailed and Facebooked by dozens of people asking if I could forward the information to him because they so desperately want him to come to the reunion.  They don’t know how to get hold of HIM, so they see ME online and figure I’m a great tool.

I’m happy my brother is missed and loved by his high school chums, but what about me?  Two years ago would’ve been my 20-year reunion, and where were all the inquisitive friends wondering where I was?  I got one postcard from the high school itself, that’s it.  No friends saying “please oh please oh please be there.” 

Isn’t the little brother supposed to live in the shadow of the older one?  That’s what I always understood – but here, when it comes to our high school acquaintences, it seems to be the exact opposite.  Everybody wants my little bro… nobody cares about me. 

Then again, I always looked like the chubby redhead kid from the Partridge Family, and my brother looks like Tom Cruise.  And it IS the girls asking me to get in touch with my brother… I’ve not had one email from a GUY talking about my brother’s high school reunion. 

And, come to think of it, these girls who are contacting me… are contacting… ME!  Saaaaaaaaaay… I’m seeing a bright side here.  Perhaps my little brother being off the radar ain’t such a bad thing after all.  It’s like I’m actually back in high school, talking to the cute girls, who were all asking about my cute little brother and whether he was single or not.  Sure, they weren’t interested in me – but I got to hang out with those cute girls, and that was pretty sweet for my ego. 

Now I’m married, it’s twenty years later, but suddenly cute girls are asking about my little brother again.  Who need a midlife crisis when you have this going on?  Sweet!

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