(Whew!) What a day!

Woke up early this morning to do my morning radio show and at the last minute I decided to toss out everything I’d planned and did “TV Theme Songs Day” where I played old (and new) TV themes by request.  It’s always a blast – but I’d forgotten how tiring it is.  I’m constantly running back and forth between two rooms (and numerous websites and computer folders) trying to find the various TV themes.  I got my cardio in today, that’s fer sher! 

My show ended at 10am.  At 11am I had to be on-location for two hours at Fitness Together, broadcasting live.  I was already tired from the morning show, but it was a great time – and I got to show off my trophy wife to the world.  She used to be a size 18, but thanks to Fitness Together (and her own determination and discipline) she’s now down to a size 10.  Wow.  If she keeps this up she’ll completely disappear by this time next year.

Got home and had to do a couple of hours of show prep (yes, even on Fridays I do it!), which I just completed.  And now I have to try and get some rest because I have to be at Rockford Lutheran High School tonight at 6:30 to set up for our radio station’s first FREE MOVIE NIGHT of the summer (several are planned).  It’s another two hours on the air while talking with hundreds of listeners, giving out prizes, etc.  The movie itself begins around 9pm at which point I can finally sit back and relax.

I’m thinking about staying for the movie… but I’m already having a hard time keeping my eyes open.  Still, I’ve not yet seen Madagascar 2…

Then again, I’ve not seen Madagascar 1.

Or Madagascar itself.  (Unless you count that one time I played “Risk” with the neighbor kid and he put all of his troops in Madagascar and I thought he was idiot for doing so because I’d taken over the entire rest of the world, only to be slaughtered by him in less than an hour after he was done building his forces… oh, never mind.)

Off to take a nap now.

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