Who’s Turn Is It To Be Sick?

I would’ve sworn it was my turn again, but I guess I was wrong. My radio show’s co-host, Cindy Swanson, is out feeling ill today.

It’s been a revolving door of sickness at the radio station. First me, then one of the sales guys, then our afternoon guy, now it’s Cindy’s turn. The scary part is that we’re not all sick from the same thing – I had a sinus infection, the sales guy had the flu, our afternoon guy (Johnny V) had strep throat. That means that we can all get sick all over again just by inhaling each other’s germs. Lovely.

We’re doing it to ourselves too. We all feel like we have to be martyrs and drag ourselves in to work to show everyone that we’re not slacking off,¬†that we’re willing to sacrifice in order to keep our jobs in this struggling economy.¬† We are doing what we can to show we are irreplaceable, and scared to death that if we’re gone for even a single day it’ll be discovered that we’re not really all that important to the day-to-day operations of the radio station and they’ll find a way to slice us from the already diminishing budget.

Scary times. But c’mon, how valuable are you as an employee if coming to work means you make everyone else sick? If you drag yourself into work while deathly ill, you’re not showing yourself to be an exemplary employee – you’re showing to everyone that you couldn’t care less about their welfare, and you’re concerned only with yourself and looking like a hero to the boss. Meanwhile, the rest of us are stricken with your disease, we can’t do our jobs effectively, and that means everyone else (including you) has to step up and fill the gap while we try to get well.
Look… if you have sick days, and you’re sick, take the time off. You’re not doing anyone any favors, and I’m getting really tired of using up all of my own sick days because you refuse to acknowledge that you’re a menace to society.

Besides, I’m scheduled to be on vacation later this week and all of next week… and I’d like to feel healthy for my time off so I don’t spend it all in bed with a hot water bottle and butt thermometer.

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