Why You Should Never Wash Your Coffee Mug

Do you wash your coffee mug each day at the office?  Stop!  You’re probably better off never washing your mug at all!  Officials now say it’s fine to never wash your coffee mug, as long as you’re not sharing it with anybody else. Infectious-disease expert Jeffrey Starke said the vast majority of germs in the cup came from the person who used the cup. Even if you drink from it while sick, it’s pretty hard to re-infect yourself with the same mug; most viruses don’t live long outside the body. In the article originally posted in the Wall Street Journal Starke said just leaving your mug unwashed may be a safer bet than the alternative: scrubbing it with the communal sponge in the office kitchen. He added “The sponge in the break room probably has the highest bacteria count of anything in the office.” Starke said.

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