Our Program Director and General Manager have been having meetings all week – it’s just now that we’ve discovered that they’re looking for a new sales person.  However, I did notice on the web the other day a job listing that looked suspicious to me – turns out it was for us!  It talked about how we were looking for go-getter sales people – “NO WIMPS.” So… the question is, what exactly is a WIMP? We’ve come up with a few options:

1. White Introverted Male Putz – we don’t want THAT on the sales team!

2. Wily Intelligent Master Personality – that sounds way too heady. Besides, I already have the ego thing going, we don’t need somebody else doing that.

3. Winner In Many Places – yeah, that could work.

4. Western Iowa Meat Packer – well, as long as he’s willing to commute every day.

5. Wasted In My Prime – yeah, but that describes just about every radio person on Earth.

6. Wanderer Into Mountain Pastures – now that is one area we’ve not been looking for new blood – mountain pastures!

7. Well Instructed Mandolin Player – I don’t think so. We don’t need to give our Program Director any ideas on changing the format.

8. What Is My Problem? – but then we’re back to me again.

9. Weird Insane Mental Patient – me.

10. Where Is My Paycheck?  – yeah, this one’s my favorite.

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