Wining About Comedy

Tonight was a first for me;  I was hired to do a comedy show in Naperville, IL for a wine-tasting party. 

A wine-tasting, in case you’re not familiar with the concept, is when a bunch of people getting together to taste wine, but not actually swallow it.  They just taste it.  It’s a pretty dumb concept if you ask me (actually, it’s a dumb concept if you don’t ask me too, but I’m assuming you’ll indulge my opinion since you’re reading my blog). 

What’s the point of sipping wine if it’s not going to be consumed?  That’s like visiting a Baskin Robbins, asking for a taste spoon, then spitting it on the floor.  Who does that? If you’re smart, you’ll get a taste spoon of all 31 flavors, which will fill you up so you won’t have to buy any ice cream at all.  Sure, Baskin Robbins doesn’t look kindly on you for doing that, but it’s technically not against their company policy for you to do it, so if you’re tight for money but are craving a pint of ice cream, this isn’t a bad thing to try.

If the folks at the party tonight had understood this concept, they could’ve experienced the flavor of the wine without having to buy a bottle at the end of the party.  They’d have had their fill and would have no need to make a purchase.  Maybe that’s what wine tasting was created for – not to enjoy wine, but to sell it to people who’ve had a taste but the rules kept them from quenching their thirst.

Another first tonight was during my performance.  I actually performed in the basement of a home.  Granted, it was a reeeeeeeeally nice home, and the basement was nicer than most hotel rooms I’ve been in, but still – a basement!  And on top of that, instead of a sound system they decided to hook up their kid’s karaoke machine for me to speak through.  Dang, that’s just funny all by itself.  You know I made jokes about that.  I probably got more laughs complaining that my career had taken me to a karaoke machine in this lady’s basement than anything else I performed tonight. 

Fun show.  Wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was not disappointed – hopefully they weren’t either.

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