So, how was my first day on WNTA? Well, if you missed my Talk Radio debut, you can catch my podcast at http://marlar.podomatic.com.

Well… I rushed things too much in the beginning of the show.  I was nervous and when that happens I have a tendency to speed things up… not the best thing to do with Talk Radio!  I naturally speak fast, and as a stand-up comedian that comes even MORE naturally.  I’ve also been a music radio guy for twenty years, and that’s sped up my vocalization skills considerably as well.  So it’s going to be an uphill climb for me to slow the voice down.  I was more relaxed and myself when talking with callers and when doing the interview, but when it was just me I think I sped things up a bit too much.

All in all though, I think it went well.  I’m a totally different kind of personality than what is currently on 1330 WNTA, and I may not be a good fit for them even if I have what it takes to do Talk Radio.  The GM heard good things about me even before I showed up today, so that’s good, and I was actually asked to audition – I didn’t go in asking them, so that’s a bonus as well I’d think.  My biggest challenge will be finding better topics to get the phones lit.  When competing with Rush and Hannity I’m going to have to do something different.

Illinois just had some gun law thing happen today (can you tel I’ve not done my research yet?), so that might be some good fodder for tomorrow.  Plus we have a new law against cyber-bullying which might be good to talk about.  (Really, how do you bully someone cyberly?  “Make me your Facebook friend or I’m taking your lunch money!”)

I have Senator Dave Syverson on with me tomorrow, plus the head of the Rockford Tea Party (since their event is tomorrow night I thought it’d be good to have them in – plus it gives me an opportunity to promote myself being there as well).  And then I have the Communications Director for the Northern Illinois Food Bank for a short interview.  Combine those guests with my already brilliant personality and I think I’ll survive day two of two on 1330 WNTA!  Be sure to listen in LIVE if you can – http://www.wnta.com, and call in to the show 1p-3p Central Time at 815-874-TALK!

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